Team Pilots

There is something special about our team of pilots that we have chosen to be a part of what we do. Each Team member that has been selected based on skills or knowledge, has also been chosen as first and foremost they are ambassadors to our hobby. Many of them are from a family of pilots whom have passed on their hobby and skills from one generation to another. 

Secondly and most importantly these pilots have put their trust in, and fly and support, the products we sell! We don't just give away free products for reviews, our team pilots all own and fly our products.

Our pilots all support us and our products because they believe in them!

Our Team is shaping up for 2024 ...............


Clive and Caitlin McInnes - our Father and Daughter team

  • Clive McInnes - Sponsors include GP Engines, Powerbox Systems, SAVOX servos, Falcon Propellers, G-Force pilot

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I have been flying R/C aircraft for around 40 years. I have been active in competitive R/C flying for approx 20 years now, competing in many R/C disciplines at National and International level, such as Pylon Racing, Pattern, IMAC / Large Scale aerobatics and even some Sport Scale for fun. Currently my main focus is IMAC  ( Large Scale aerobatics, F3M and 3D or freestyle flying). I am extremely grateful to my sponsors for the opportunity to not only be the SA and UK distributor for their fine products, but also to represent them as a pilot. 

My Favourite radio - the Powerbox Systems CORE of course!

  • Caitlin McInnes - 16 years old and sponsors include DAD!

Caitlin has flown R/C models from around the age of 5 years old, She has always been my 'wingman' and enjoys travelling to any flying events with me. She is a not only a keen pilot but has always been my go to girl at any events and always been there on the flightline at UK shows to support not only me but all our team pilots. Her favourite planes, the Flex innovations Cessna 170 and RV-8 60e!

Her Favourite radio - Powerbox Systems ATOM of course!


  • Dani G-Ellison

I have been flying remote controlled Aircraft for 20+ years and share an avid interest in aircraft of all types. I have been on the UK Show circuit for a number of years and look forward to highlighting some of the fantastic products that Aerobatx have to offer.

I have a range of Flex/rc factory models , most of which guided by savox servos, experience with the aura systems and kingtech turbines.I have been flying the Flex Innovations Ultimate for over a year now counting up hundreds of flights. The model is powered by a GP76, Falcon Propellor, Savox 1270TG servos along with an Aura 12 Pro. This combination has performed flawlessly and is highly recommended for the range of Flex 70cc models.


Andy and Nathan Rigby - a father and son team who are no strangers to both competition and show flying!

  • Andy Rigby - sponsors include Fiala & ZDZ Engines, Jeti Radio, Bluebird servos and Optipower. 

Flying since the age of 12, with over 25 years experience flying to a high level; display / demonstration, IMAC, freestyle / F3M. 

Experienced in a vast selection of RC disciplines, from helicopters, jets, scale and aerobatic. 

Andy is also a BMFA area chief examiner and instructor and chairman of the Skelmersdale Model Aircraft club. 

Andy has a wide range of models and equipment in their locker. Andy has flown Krill Model Aircraft for over 15 years, currently using their 330LX for IMAC, together with the Laser and Ultimate for freestyle. An Ares L is also due in 2024.


  • Nathan Rigby - Just 10 years old! sponsors include Fiala & ZDZ Engines, Jeti Radio, Bluebird servos and Optipower, and DAD :)

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Flying solo since the age of 5, with show and competition flying from the age of 7. 

Now at the age of just 10 years old, Nathan has experience flying multi-disciplines, flying both fixed wing, jets and helicopers to a high standard. 

Nathan's preference is flying aerobatic / freestyle models, but he also enjoys scale and gliding. 

Nathan has a wide range of models and equipment in their locker, with Nathan's favourite planes being his Pilot RC Extra 330NG, Flex Mamba 60 biplane and his RC Factory Yak XL!

Some of Nathan's notable achievements; 

UK Freestyle Masters: 10th Position overall. 2023

Weston Park: Best Show Pilot. 2023 

BMFA / SMAE: The Henry J Nicholls Trophy (awarded for outstanding performance by a junior member). 2023

BMFA / SMAE: Certificate of Merit. 2023

SMAC Funfly Champion. 2022

UK Freestyle Masters: 14th Position overall. 2022


  • Dan Gallo - Sponsors include Futaba UK

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I was fortunate in that my grandfather was an aeromodeller, he got me into it as a child and we spent many happy times at the field. I had a fascination for aerobatic flight watching the precision expert's flying at the time, I knew my flying was to take that path and IMAC flying has been my thing over the years, it has been a great personal experience. I have been the UK national champion twice so far in both sequence and freestyle, which has been very rewarding. I use a wide range of excellent equipment, all available from AerobatX, including - Futaba radio systems, Desert Aircraft motors, GP and DLE engines, Savox servos and CLI servos, Mejzlik Propellers, Falcon Propellers and Powerbox for on board power distribution, Flex Innovations, Pilot RC and my own build 40% sequence models


  •  Alex Ames - Sponsors include RC Factory

Alex is 24 Years old and has been flying for 19 Years. He has been flying demo's on all the showlines up and down the country for the last 8 Years.

As an RC Factory Pilot it has been a great honour to see the brand grow with the support of Aerobatx over the last 2 years providing a constant flow of stock and great customer service. Alex has also been flying his Flex Innovations models in all our Flex innovations slots on the UK shows. Alex has great experience in a big range of models from RC factory foam models, Flex models, jets and even 40% Krill Aircraft.


  • Lewis Chaplin 

More info coming soon..............


MORE Pilots to follow soon!!


Weston Park Airshow 2023